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Performance Edge Consulting 

Mental Performance Consulting

helping athletes gain the mental edge needed to perform at their maximum potential

The PEC Approach

When meeting with a new client Melissa locates the positive aspects of the client's current routines. Routines can include visualization techniques,  self-talk, attentional cues, etc. She finds it important to focus on these first because it helps foster a positive psychological environment. 


Melissa believes that sometimes all an athlete needs is for someone to believe in them. From the beginning she supports her athletes and makes it clear that she is committed to providing mental coaching where needed. Her clients can count on her every step of the way. She also encourages her clients to adopt a growth mindset and works with them to identify strategies to promote this way of thinking. 

Melissa finds that clients benefit most from 1-3 sessions; however, she provides the client with appropriate techniques for immediate implementation upon the initial session. Further sessions are guided by the client's screening results. Her hope is that her clients will see improvements after just one session.

Melissa is known for her enthusiasm and selfless dedication to helping her athletes gain their edge. She can't wait to work with you!

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Dr. Melissa I. White

Dr. White is an experienced sports psychologist, coach and 6th grade teacher in Western Pennsylvania with her Master's degree in Exercise Science: Sports Psychology from California University of Pennsylvania and her Doctorate degree in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Western States. She is currently the varsity pole vault and javelin coach for Hempfield Area High School and the mental performance coach for the varsity football team. She believes in order for an athlete to achieve his maximum potential, he needs someone to believe in him. Then, and only then, does he realize that he can believe in himself as well. 


"Coach White worked with us off the field with mental preparation and leadership skills. Football is a huge mental game and with a great coach supporting us from the mental side all of us felt ready to play at any minute."

- Senior Football Player Hempfield Area High School

"The work Dr. White has done for me has prepared me to face life's toughest challenges well beyond the track. As an athlete of Dr. White's, I have seen astronomical growth in my performances and character and I couldn't be any luckier to have had her impact my life in such a positive way!"

- Jake Senior Javelin Thrower

"Coach White never missed a Tuesday or Thursday practice and she especially never missed a game. She always had our backs and supported us on and off the field. She helped our abilities mentally and physically, giving us strategies and pointers in her weekly sessions."

- Senior Football Player Hempfield Area High School

"Dr. White provided wonderful coaching that helped me mitigate and remove harmful thinking that impeded my performance and she provided uplifting support that helped me gain confidence which benefited my performance and ultimately my life."

- Lukas Senior Pole Vaulter 

"Dr. White's impact on our program is invaluable. Her work with our student-athletes  directly translates to their success on Friday nights. Because of Dr. White, our athletes' mental focus in the meeting room and on the field is next level."

- Coach Hempfield Area High School 

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