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Frequently Asked Questions​

Why would I schedule an appointment with Melissa?

You would schedule an appointment with Melissa if you think your performance is missing an "edge". If you feel as if maybe you are lacking a certain level of confidence, are experiencing a mental block, or are just not reaching your maximum potential some additional strategies may just be what you are looking for, and Melissa may be able to help.

What can I expect in my first appointment?

In your first session, you can expect Melissa to jump right in with strategies to implement. An initial conversation about what lead up to this appointment will take place, then possibly a survey/questionnaire/form to complete, and then right into the "nitty gritty".

How many appointments will it take to see a change in performance?

This completely depends on the client. If the client is 100% ready for implementation and they buy-in right away, then there can be a change after just one session. If the client is more hesitant and does not fully commit right away then it may take a couple sessions to start to see a change. 

Can parents/coaches attend the appointment with the client?

ABSOLUTELY! In fact it is recommended for parents and/or coaches to attend a session if they will be a benefit to the appointment. Sometimes having a familiar face creates a more calming and open environment for the client which translates into a better session. (For clients under the age of 18 is recommended that a parent or guardian attend the appointment.)

Do I have to bring anything to the appointment?

No...just yourself and an open mind. After the appointment Melissa will email/text the notes/discussion points/strategies to the client so they have a copy to refer back to. It is Melissa's intention for the client to be able to relax and discuss during the appointment without having to take notes or remember everything.

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